Amila Gunesekera

Medical Officer in charge of Rabies Treatment

National Hospital of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Amila Gunesekera,MD from Colombo ,Sri Lanka.Graduated from Vinnitsa National Medical University of Ukraine.Early carrier was started as a health administrator and Medical officer of preventive health .Working as a lecturer in National Institute of Health Sciences being the premier public health training Institute of Sri Lanka developed a passion for rabies prevention following an own bitter experience. Fisrt ever clinical unit dedicated to rabies post exposure treatment was designed and established alone with a single nurse in 2005 ,which became the model unit in the country and training centre for rabies prophylaxis .Presidents award for rabies reseach was awarded in 2009.Rabies post exposure software was created with a software experts which supports real time data sharing with other such clinics throughout the country. Experience and the knowledge is shared as an expert in WHO and in other health Institutions in other countries. Knowledge can save a life is the motto of professional carrier which is dedicated to health education of staff and public.Currently working as the program officer in the rabies control in the Ministry of Health ,Sri Lanka

2 FEB, 2018 10:00-12-00 hrs. PS2.5 Reducing the Gap: Addressing Neglected Disease; Neglected Populations