Lilis Heri Mis Cicih

Senior Researcher, Lecturer

University of Indonesia


Dr. LILIS HERI MIS CICIH. Since 2017, Dr. Lilis is a senior researcher in Universitas Indonesia, and she also as a lecturer in Public Health Faculty and Economic and Business Faculty in Universitas Indonesia. Dr Lilis has worked extensively in INDOHUN (Indonesia One Health University Network), which is working as a Co-investigator of the DEAL (Disease Emergence and Economic Evaluation of Altered Landscape) project funded by USAID - a project that aims to prevent disease emergence in Indonesia with quantify how changes to landscapes, particularly forests, contribute to disease emergence, with particular emphasis on zoonotic disease threats. Also to estimate the economic costs of the human health effects due to deforestation and land use change. This translated from the USAID Infectious Disease Emergence and Economics of Altered Landscapes (IDEEAL) project with the focus interests of the Indonesian government and be specific for the Indonesian context. Dr. Lilis received her bachelor's degree (nutritionist) from Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor, Indonesia and worked as a demographic researcher before continuing studies at the Universitas Indonesia, where she earned a master’s degree in economic demography in 1999. In 2015 she received her Doctoral Degree from the Public Health Faculty, Universitas Indonesia. Dr. Lilis has several background study are agricultural, economic, and public health