Cassandra Kelly-Cirino

Director of Emerging Threats



Dr Cassandra Kelly-Cirino, Director of Emerging Threats at FIND, has over 20 years of experience working in Canadian and US public health and private sector settings. Cassandra began her career at the Canadian National Microbiology Laboratory working on emerging infectious diseases, including drug resistant bacteria, viruses and prions. In her 10-year tenure at the Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health, Cassandra served as the Deputy Director of the Biodefense Laboratory, a heavily regulated and accredited laboratory. During this time Cassandra also completed a PhD in Immunology and Infectious Diseases and developed vaccine and passive immunotherapeutic candidates for anthrax infections. She engaged national and international stakeholders in the development of public health policy for infectious diseases with a focus on emergency response and preparedness, developed novel diagnostic assays for multiple pathogens, and served as a development partner for commercial companies developing novel tools to combat infectious diseases. Most recently, Cassandra served as Vice President, Infectious Diseases with DNA Genotek, a Canadian company known for its sample stabilization and collection technologies. In this role Cassandra was responsible for multiple initiatives to bring simple collection and stabilization solutions to the global public health and outbreak response fields, including a Tuberculosis product designed specifically for low and middle income countries.

2 FEB, 2018 10:00-12-00 hrs. PS2.1 Beyond MERS and Zika: Are we Prepared for the Next Big Epidemic?