Serge Morand

Faculty Veterinary Technology

Kasetsart University


Serge Morand focuses his research on the evolutionary ecology of disease transmission and health ecology. Field parasitologist, he is concerned at the role of biodiversity as risks and insurance for zoonotic emerging infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance raise. During the last 10 years he conducted more than 30 field trips in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines). He is conducting several projects on the impacts of global changes, including climate and land use changes, on the links between biodiversity, health and societies in Southeast Asia, using rodent-borne diseases as a model, CERoPath and BiodivHealthSEA, with the last one FutureHealthSEA. He published articles and edited special issues and books on this topic, with the last ones “Socio-ecological Dimensions of Infectious Diseases in Southeast Asia” (2015 Springer Singapore); “Biodiversity Conservation in Southeast Asia: Challenges in a Changing Environment” (2017 Routledge London) and “Biodiversity and Health: Linking Life, Ecosystems and Societies” (2017 Elsevier, London). Serge Morand belongs to the French CNRS and CIRAD, he is based in Thailand at the Faculty of Veterinary Technology (Kasetsart University), and also Invited Professor at the Faculty of Tropical Medicine (Mahidol University).