Innovate Interventions and Researches for END TB strategy

Meeting Organizer

Japan International Cooperation Agency

Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED)

Department of Medical Science center (DMSc), Ministry of Public Health

Contact Person : Yumiko Inoue,

30 January 2018
09:00 - 17:30 hrs.

Open to All Participants


“The End TB Strategy” is a new strategy aiming to end TB epidemic. Achievement of the strategy will depend on action on its three pillars, namely: 1) expanding the scope and reach of interventions for TB care and prevention with a focus of efficient, high-impact and patient-centred approaches, 2) maximising the benefits of health and development policies and systems, by engaging a broader cross-section of actors across government, communities and the private sector; and 3) pursuing new scientific knowledge and innovations that can dramatically change TB prevention and care. The third pillar of the strategy promotes that links upstream fundamental research to discovery and new tool development, and ultimately to operational and implementation research. The effective national TB research plan and research efforts adopting to the specific country needs are essential to achieve the goals. The implementation the research outputs into the national strategy toward ending TB should be discussed across the world. Our JICA project named “Project for Integrate Application of Human and Pathogen Genomic Information for Tuberculosis Control” has started since 2014 aiming for development for new tools and identification of genetic risks. Genetic research on TB could be an effective tool for finding the high risk group and high virulence TB pathogen nationally and internationally. Sharing the experience of research including the genetic research and promoting future research and collaboration with the other Asian countries will lead to End TB.


To share the (genetic) research experience and national research plan for End TB between Thailand and the other Asian countries and discuss new research plans and international research corroboration for the future.