Harentsoaniaina Rasamoelina Andriamanivo

Veterinary Epidemiologist

Indian Ocean Commission


Harena Rasamoelina Andriamanivo (DVM, MPH, PhD), is a veterinary epidemiologist. Formerly a researcher at the National Agricultural Research Centre and lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of Antananarivo in Madagascar, he is currently posted at the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) which is a regional organisation with five Member States (Madagascar, Mauritius, Comoros, Seychelles and Reunion Island/France). He is a member of an epidemic intelligence unit, based in Mauritius, and which coordinates the SEGA One Health Network. This latter is a regional network of epidemiological surveillance and outbreak management. It gathers the diseases surveillance services for both animal and human sectors and the research institutes in the Member States of the IOC. The SEGA One health network is based on three pillars: information sharing between the epidemiological surveillance units of the countries, capacity building at national level and multidisciplinary. Harena Rasamoelina participates in all activities of capacity building of the epidemiological surveillance units and laboratory of the Member States both for human and animal diseases and for common and neglected diseases. Here are some examples, all of them include animal and human sectors: surveillance of rabies in Madagascar, surveillance of antimicrobial resistance at regional level, surveillance of Q-fever and Rift Valley fever in Comoros, regional field epidemiology training programme (FETP). He is also involved in the coordination of a program of external quality assessment of laboratory on diagnosis of arboviruses (chikungunya, dengue, Rift Valley fever, …) and a regional e-surveillance of animal diseases. He is part of the regional mobile team deployed in case of health emergency like it was the case during the foot and mouth disease in Mauritius in 2016 or during the pneumonic plague in Madagascar in 2017. He participates in research projects in the region and has authored papers on wide range of topics: disease-oriented (Newcastle disease, avian influenza, African swine fever, cysticercosis, Rift Valley fever, …), or method-oriented (e-health, field epidemiology, participatory epidemiology, social network analysis applied in epidemiology, …).

2 FEB, 2018 10:00-12-00 hrs. PS2.5 Reducing the Gap: Addressing Neglected Disease; Neglected Populations