Montira Pongsiri

Senior Research Associate, Planetary Health Science Policy

Cornell University

United States of America

Montira Pongsiri, PhD, MPH Dr. Montira Pongsiri was the first Science Advisor at the U.S. Mission to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) where she worked on science and technology issues as part of U.S.-ASEAN engagement. Dr. Pongsiri led the Mission’s efforts to shape U.S. long-term science cooperation with ASEAN, to develop and apply science and technology to support ASEAN’s sustainability goals, and to improve the capacity and quality of science-based policy-making in ASEAN. She was on overseas assignment to the U.S. Mission to ASEAN from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Research and Development where she was an Environmental Health Scientist. At the EPA, Dr. Pongsiri led a research initiative on biodiversity and human health which studied the links between anthropogenic stressors, changes in biodiversity, and infectious disease transmission. The research was aimed at developing environmentally-based tools and strategies to reduce and prevent human infectious diseases while at the same time, enhancing natural systems. She managed an extramural research portfolio and was a co-investigator on interagency projects examining the links between land use change, biodiversity, and human disease. She was the agency’s lead on partnerships with the Smithsonian Institution and with Rockefeller’s 100 Resilient Cities. As a member of The Rockefeller Foundation-Lancet Commission on Planetary Health, Dr. Pongsiri brought expertise on environmental change-human disease linkages. Currently, Dr. Pongsiri is a Senior Research Associate at Cornell University. Dr. Pongsiri’s primary research and science policy interests are in applying scientific understanding of the relationships between the condition of natural systems and human health to inform decision-making and policies for long-term sustainability impact. She received her PhD and MPH from Yale University. Dr. Pongsiri’s professional background is in infectious diseases epidemiology and environmental health policy. Her family background is Thai.

2 FEB, 2018 13:00-15-00 hrs. PS3.3 Climate Change and Emerging Diseases: The Importance of Resilient Societies