Richard Kock

Professor of Wildlife Health and Emerging Diseases at the Royal Veterinary College

University of London

United Kingdom

Richard Kock is a wildlife veterinary ecologist, infectious disease researcher and conservationist. He has worked in the field of wildlife health and disease since 1983 with a focus on African and Asian ecosystems. He has a particular interest in One Health questions at the interface between animals, humans and environment and the role of food systems in disease emergence and environmental change. 28 years attached to the Zoological Society of London and 7 years as a research academic at the Royal Veterinary College, University of London, with a chair in Wildlife Health and Emerging Diseases. He was awarded an FAO international medal in 2010 recognition of his work on morbilliviruses and global eradication of the first veterinary pathogen important to food security. He is an expert member of the International Health Regulations and a Senior Fellow at Chatham House UK and Council Member for the Wildlife Disease Association, Adjunct Prof at Tufts University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy of the UK

2 FEB, 2018 13:00-15-00 hrs. PS3.5 Policy Coherence: Effective Partnerships for Global Health