Juan Lubroth

Chief Veterinary Officer

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations


JUAN LUBROTH D.V.M., PH.D., ACVPM Dr. Juan Lubroth is the Chief Veterinary Officer of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Dr Lubroth received his bachelor's degree (biology) from Whitman College, USA and worked as a wildlife biologist before continuing studies at the University of Georgia, USA where he earned both a master’s degree in medical microbiology in 1982 and DVM in 1985. In 1992 he received an M.Phil degree (arbovirology and epidemiology of infectious diseases) and in 1995 his PhD, both from the School of Yale University, USA. Dr Lubroth has worked extensively throughout Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East. He initiated several major initiatives for the control of transboundary animal diseases in Central Asia, South Asia, southern Africa. He was the driving force behind several key cooperative initiatives of FAO with the World Health Organization (WHO) and World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), including the Global Framework for the Progressive Control of Transboundary Animal Diseases, the Global Early Warning System (GLEWS), the establishment of the Crisis Management Centre for Animal Health, and the One Health concept at FAO. He is the FAO focal point on addressing the threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) that comprises staff work from food safety, animal production and health (terrestrial and aquatic), plant protection, land and water, legal, communications services. Dr Lubroth is often called to assist in bringing animal production and health perspectives to the work of the WHO on issues related to zoonoses, AMR, biological safety of laboratories, and matters regarding bioterrorism and agroterrorism, and leads FAO’s animal health activities against high impact and zoonotic diseases as well as strengthening veterinary and links to the public health systems around the world and continuing education.

2 FEB, 2018 13:00-15-00 hrs. PS3.2 Lessons Learned from a One Health Approach to AMR