Parallel Session 1.2

Strategic Information and the Evolution of Emerging Infectious Diseases: Lessons from the Past and New Opportunities

1 February 2018

14:30 - 16:30 hrs.


The last century has witnessed an increase in the frequency of emerging infectious diseases (EID) and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Climate change, environmental pressure, population movement, population growth and increasing overlaps between human and animal livelihoods have contributed to an acceleration of novel infectious diseases. In addition, the increasing pace of human and animal pathogens resistant to antibiotic therapies raises serious concerns about treatable infections becoming life threatening, raising the death toll and the economic cost to potentially unsustainable level within decades.

In this context, early warning systems and strategic information play a key role in preventing, detecting and responding adequately to emerging zoonosis and antimicrobial resistance. More surveillance systems are needed. New technologies, electronic health records, internet and social media have the potential to provide timely information on emerging infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance that can supplement traditional surveillance systems. With these new tools, individuals and their communities can play a new role in participatory syndromic surveillance. Nevertheless, there are important caveats that need to be addressed, such as ensuring data privacy, underrepresentation of some categories such as infants, the elderly, or people lacking access to these new technologies.



This session will look at the recent changes in strategic information and how can they contribute to current surveillance systems in order to identify appropriate actions and interventions for preparedness and response to emerging infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance.



Thierry Roels

Director, Division of Global HIV/AIDS and TB

Thailand MOPH – U.S. CDC Collaboration



Catherine Machalaba

Policy Advisor

EcoHealth Alliance

United States of America

Kesete Admasu


RBM Partnership to End Malaria


Lertrak Srikitjakarn


Chiang Mai University


Mark Smolinski


Ending Pandemics

United States of America

Osama Ahmed Hassan

Centre for Global Health, Department of Community Medicine and Global Health

Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo


Rico Gustav

Senior Policy Advisor - Sustainability

International Civil Society Support (ICSS)