Parallel Session 2.4

Changing Dynamics: Emerging Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial Resistance in an Era of Expanding Global Human Population Growth and Movement

2 February 2018

10:00 - 12:00 hrs.


The global human population is projected to peak at over 11 billion this century. Accelerated human population growth and corresponding changes in demography, along with associated food and companion animal population increases, are altering disease dynamics and will continue to drive emerging infections and transmission over the course of the next century. This session will explore the connections among infectious disease emergence, antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and changing human and animal population dynamics. We will explore the state-of-the-art in emerging disease and AMR detection and forecasting and answer the question, “How can we minimize emerging disease and AMR risks linked to changing demography.”


This session aims to explore and address the impacts of growing human and animal populations and unplanned mega-cities and peri-urban settlements on disease emergence, amplification, and global distribution. Accordingly, presenters will also tackle the risks associated with surging global trade and travel and illustrate how forecasting can inform risk mitigation.
Specific Objectives:

  • Explore projected demographic trends over the 21st century and their impact on expected zoonotic disease emergence and AMR
  • Enhance understanding of how trends in demography will differ regionally; how differences in agricultural productivity and marketing practices will impact emerging disease risk, including spread of AMR; and how purchasing power and animal protein demand will have global supply chain impacts and associated emerging disease risk
  • Highlight practical, evidence-driven approaches to defining, forecasting, and mitigating human demographic-driven emerging disease risk


Jonna Mazet

Professor Medicine & Epidemiology

University of California at Davis

United States of America


Christine Johnson

Professor and Researcher

UC Davis

United States of America

Evelyn Wesangula


Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership


Katrin Kohl

Deputy Director Division of Global Migration and Quarantine

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

United States of America

Saber Yezli

The Global Centre for Mass Gatherings Medicine, Public Health Directorate

Ministry of Health

Saudi Arabia

Thuy Bich Hoang

Country Program Director

Wildlife Conservation Society

Viet Nam