Japan’s experiences in EID control through international scientific joint research activities

Meeting Organizer

Japan International Cooperation Agency

Contact Person : Yumiko Inoue,

29 January 2018
14:00 - 17:30 hrs.
Venue : LOTUS SUITE 1-2

Open to All Participants


The Government of Japan is promoting international joint researches to strengthen the capacity of developing countries contributing to the resolution of global issues by research institutes in developing countries themselves under official development assistance (ODA) since 2008. In developing countries, JICA puts emphasis on strengthening the capacity to deal with global issues comprehensively, including human resource development and improvement of science and technology capability for sustainable development and promoting SATREPS by the following three objectives. 1) Strengthen international science and technology cooperation between Japan and developing countries 2) Acquisition of new findings and technologies leading to resolution of global issues and improvement of science and technology standards, creation of innovation through these 3) Capacity development (Improve autonomous R & D capabilities of developing countries through international joint research, establish a sustainable action system that contributes to solving problems, and human resource development in Japan and developing countries that are responsible for the future of the planet And network formation) In this session, we will discuss the findings of the SATREPS projects by researchers of research institutes both in Japan and the developing countries in the infectious disease control field, and future development of science and technology cooperation program.


To share and discuss the situation of social implementation and efforts toward developing young human resources by looking back on the results of international joint researches of SATREPS to date.